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FQX eNote™

FQX is radically facilitating trade finance & money markets by using eNotes™
An eNote™ is an unconditional promise to pay a specific sum to another party at a specific future date. The eNote™ is based on Blockchain technology and can be flexibly sold and transferred to any third party (i.e. an investor). When compared to other financing options, eNotes™ as negotiable instruments outperform through their financial steering capabilities and global transferability. eNotes™ are based on the globally proven, formerly paper-based “promissory notes”.
FQX is the first market-ready solution for eNotes™ built on a banking-grade Blockchain (Swiss Trust Chain) with a unique, patent-pending authentication mechanism. The eNote™ infrastructure can be integrated into financing platforms of banks and Fintechs, allowing their customers to benefit from the entire eNote™ lifecycle from issuance to settlement.
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Driving Digital Global Finance

Steering liquidity, earning discounts and generating investment yields. With the FQX eNotes™ platform, financial institutions and companies can cover the following 3 application areas:

Trade Finance

Cash Flow Management
Control of operating and free cash flows by accelerating and decelerating the corresponding activities with customers and suppliers and earn discounts.
Automation and Risk Reduction
Paper-based processes in trade finance are being digitized reducing process costs and operational risks.

Corporate Finance

Reduction of Financing Costs
Through pricing, disintermediation and automation.
Flexible Financing Partner Policy
Through onboarding and controlling eco-systems.
Increased Reach
In 161 countries on the same legal basis.


Risk-adjusted Investment Excess Returns
Investment in Supply Chain Finance eNotes enable participation in credit rating arbitrage to achieve excess returns over the benchmark.
Invest in tradeable Assets
Invest in unconditional promises to pay with integrated ISINs which can easily and digitally be transferred to other parties.
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How it works

Corporate Finance
Flexible liquidity generation
Supply Chain Finance: Receivables
Monetize trade receivables
Supply Chain Finance: Payables
Gain discounts, extend DPO and retain free cash flow
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FQX combines state-of-the art Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with Electronic Signatures providing maximum data integrity.
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For Financial Institutions

FQX enables eNotes™ based on a banking-grade infrastructure - fully digital. Financial institutions can participate via the platform or offer white-label and integration solutions.
New Business Opportunities
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Access to new business via the eNotes™ platform and white-label solutions
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Expansion into new jurisdictions and markets
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New financial product engineering opportunities
Transaction Cost Optimizations
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Electronic automation of paper-based processes
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Integration into back-office systems for STP
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Real-time information and transaction status
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Formerly illiquid assets become tradeable and liquid
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Re-discounting with central banks in certain countries
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Liquidity risk reduction
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Provide superior value to corporate clients
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Use the FQX white label / API solution with corporate identity
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Transformation into a digital trade finance bank
Interbank-Funding / Wholesale Banking
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Cheaper financial instrument for short-term funding
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Short-term investment opportunities
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Fully digital inter-bank funding network
FQX provides one infrastructure, one financial instrument and one legal framework to drive asset origination-to-distribution to the highest efficiency level. This in turn creates an attractive asset class for investors based on global standards and reach as well as it provides liquidity where needed to the real economy.
Frank Wendt, Co-Founder FQX
FQX combines Legal Engineering with profound knowledge of financial markets to help thrust the financial system into the digital realm where costs are low, accessibility is high and security is standard.
Benedikt Schuppli, Co-Founder & Co-CEO FQX
Dr. Philipp von Randow
Co-Founder & Chief Legal Strategy Officer
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For Corporations

FQX provides global electronic issuance & transfer of eNotes to extinguish process inefficiencies & operational risks.
Supply Chain Finance
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Generate free cash flow
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Optimize working capital metric
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Manage key balance sheet ratios
Trade Finance
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Reduce transaction costs via automation
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Replace inefficient trade finance instruments
Corporate Finance
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Reduce transaction costs to raise short-to-mid-term capital
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Expand the funder base to Non-Bank Investors
Financial Investments
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Invest in eNIs and earn superior yields compared to MM, CP, CD and Term Deposits
FQX’s value proposition is simple: One of the most trusted financial instruments and its bunch of legal advantages - the paper-based existence + a banking-grade DLT infrastructure + electronic signatures + an easy-to-use and customer-driven platform = the FQX eNI™ infrastructure.
Dr. des. Stephan Meyer, Co-Founder & Co-CEO FQX
Electronic promissory notes are efficient, secure, and offer an attractive variety of uses cases in the corporate finance and supply chain space for companies, financial institutions and institutional investors.
Dr. Philipp von Randow, Co-Founder & Chief Legal Strategy Officer
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FQX eNote™ Lifecycle

Transaction Initiation & Negotiation
Banks / Financial institutions
Fintechs / Platforms
Two-sided financing platforms (almost) any part of the world any financing constellation
White-Label powered by FQX, or FQX Platform / FQX as Service Provider
eNote™ Lifecycle
Swiss Private Chain

Banking Grade DLT Infrastructure

IBM Hyperledger Distributed Ledger Technology Infrastructure based on Swisscom’s consortial Swiss Private Chain, exclusively using T4 server centers – ensuring technical security of FQX eNotes™.
FQX Technologies

Combining Secure & Modern Technologies

FQX uses DLT and other technologies for highest data integrity requirements and an optimal user experience – ensuring a state-of-the-art FQX eNotes™ platform.
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Press & Media

eNotes™Webinar Brought To You By ITFA - Electronic Promissory Notes By FQX AG 30 April 2021FQX opens up new markets for investment in Trade Finance through eNotes™: Trade Finance Through Technology
Duration: 1h 10min
FinancePaperless promissory notes on DLPC Hyperledger Trade Finance Special Interest Group Meeting, 20th April, 2021
Duration: 1h 26min
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From stone plates to eNotes™

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Our Team and Ecosystem

Explore and connect with the FQX team and their Eco-System.

Board of Directors


Core Team


Academic Partners


Meagan Cederbaum
Product Manager
Hsin Chang
QA & Software Engineer intern
Ramunė Lileikė
Product Designer
Ralph Dahinden
Operations Manager
Samuel Emde
Lead Developer
Kasparas Gudžius
Shernaz Jaehnel
Senior Legal Counsel
Tomas Kasnauskas
Lead Developer
Daniel Killenberger
Chief Technology Officer
Flavia Lombardo
Sales & Marketing Manager
Dr. des. Stephan D. Meyer
Co-Founder, Co-CEO
Anshul Misra
Managing Director, UAE & South Asia
Dr. Philipp von Randow
Co-Founder & Chief Legal Strategy Officer
Eugenio Reggianini
Strategic Partnerships
Jonas Rudin
Benedikt Schuppli
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Boon Hwa Tan
MD, South East Asia
Benjamin Treves
Chief Business Development Officer
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Careers at FQX

Senior Frontend Developer (Vilnius, Lithuania)
As a FQX front-end developer, you will be able to structure your days flexibly and have the opportunity to grow, learn and take a lot of responsibility while collaborating and coordinating with the team. Your focal point will be developing user interface components and implementing them to give the best user experience. You will work closely with the product management and the backend development team to translate business requirements into their full-stack technical implementation.
Senior Full Stack Developer (Vilnius, Lithuania)
As a FQX full stack developer, you will be the bridge between our frontend and backend teams. You will work closely with the product manager, the frontend and the backend development teams to translate business requirements and implement them from start to finish. You will be able to structure your days flexibly and have the opportunity to grow, learn and take a lot of responsibility.
Join the FQX Journey
Position you were looking for is not here? We’re always looking for talented, ambitious people supporting our journey of digitising electronic promissory notes. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you think you can be of value to us.
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